2018 – 2019 SYLLABUS

Simle Middle School Chorus

The goal of the Simle Choral Program is to provide a positive and encouraging environment for students to learn the etiquette and performance skills of the choral art form. Through the Choral vehicle, students will grow as musicians, singers and young people of society.

Course Schedule:

  • 4th period – 10:21-11:06 – 7th grade choir
  • 5th period – 11:06-11:51 – 7th grade choir
  • 6th period – 11:53-12:38 – 8th grade choir
  • lunch – 12:38-1:08
  • 8th period – 1:08 – 1:53 – 8th grade choir 
  • 9th period – 1:55-2:40 – 6th grade choir
  • 10th period – 2:40-3:25 – 6th grade choir

Policies and Procedures:

In the Simle Middle School Choral program, students are to be held accountable for behavior on the property of Simle Middle School or any place where they are representing our school. The following expectations are to be met by each student:

  1. Participate in class activities and have a good attitude and an open mind while doing so.
  2. Be a positive contributor to the rehearsal by not being a distraction to others and by giving your best effort.
  3. Treat others with kindness and respect.
  4. Respect the property of Simle Middle School including all sheet music and other resources made available to the students.

Students are graded in the class on participation and attitude, as well as the ability to demonstrate the skills required for each standard. Students are constantly assessed through their daily efforts and work in rehearsal and classroom activities, as well as concerts.


All Choirs will follow the standards based rubric grading on a 1-4 scale. There are four main concerts that each student is required to attend each year. Please make sure your student will make proper arrangements to get to and from the concerts, and please come watch and hear them shine. Refer to the schedule for a list of choral events.  Simle students recieve 2R grades which reflect their performance under the categories of Respect and Responsibility.  The 2R grades ultimately affect eligibility for their extra curricular activities.  Ultimately the students will be assessed academically and behaviorally.   

Dress Code:

  • Boys – long-sleeve shirt and tie, belt, dress pants, nice shoes. No jeans please.
  • Girls – modest top, dress pants, nice shoes. No jeans please.

As listed on the schedule, there are many opportunities for your student to go above and beyond the regular choir class. Honor choir and festival opportunities are made available as well as our extra-curricular, auditioned choir the Simle Singers.